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Integrated Report
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Securing your world

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Strategic Aim

G4S is a global market leader in security, providing both established and new technology-enabled security solutions across six continents.

The sale of the majority of our conventional cash businesses enables G4S to be a more focused business, developing innovative industry-leading solutions that integrate consulting, technology, people and data analytics to deliver solutions that are relevant, valuable and effective for our customers.

G4S is the world’s leading global, integrated security company.

We offer a broad range of security services delivered on a single, multi-service or integrated basis across six continents. We have been investing in technology, software and systems. The Group’s technology-related security revenues were over £3bn in 2019 (2018: £2.8bn).

G4S plays a valuable and important role in society.

As a major global employer we make a difference by helping people to live and work in safe and secure environments. G4S takes a fully integrated approach to its strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our values underpin everything we do.
They are brought to life by the behaviours and services provided by our 558,000 people each and every day.

  • We act with…
  • We are passionate about…
  • We achieve this through…

Cash Separation

In February 2020, G4S announced it had reached an agreement to sell the majority of its conventional cash businesses. Post the transaction, Cash Solutions will be around 8% of group revenues, with our market-leading and fast-growth retail technology solutions such as Retail Cash Solutions, CASH360, G4S Pay and SA-Deposita accounting for around half of that.

View from the top

Ashley Almanza

Ashley Almanza

Group Chief Executive Officer

2019 was a year of significant progress, both in terms of revenue growth, up 4.7% compared with 2018, and the subsequent announcement of the sale of the majority of our conventional cash businesses.

Chief Executive’s Letter (323KB PDF)
John Connolly

John Connolly


As the impact of Covid-19 has spread across the globe, a key priority for us has been to ensure the health and safety of the Group’s 558,000 employees, a large number of whom are delivering essential services and supporting critical operations and infrastructure for our customers and communities every day.

Chairman’s Statement (193KB PDF)

Our strategy in action

Our businesses

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How we are positioned

Global footprint


Deep understanding

100Years’ heritage

Security professionals and expertise


Technology and innovation


Customer service

50,700Customer Surveys

Our business model (222KB PDF)

Our market drivers

Rapid advances

in technology innovation driving technology-enabled security


Growth per annum for security services between 2017-2027


Global GDP growth per annum 2020 to 2021


Market value for security systems integration


People globally don’t have bank accounts


Up to 80% idle cash freed up when retailers use cash solutions technology

Market drivers (150KB PDF)

Our business model

Secure solutions - anticipating our customers’ needs

We are investing in the resources, skills and capabilities needed to market, design, build, operate and maintain technology-enabled integrated security solutions.

This approach provides our customers with industry-leading services and solutions and in turn it enables G4S to earn a higher margin on these valuable services.

Operational/ Optimise Build & Service Integrated Solution Design Risk Assessment Conceptual Design Options G4S Customer Risk Consultants + Security Officers + Security and Data Analysts G4S People Technologists/Engineers + Security Technology and Software + Global Security Operations Centres G4S Technology
Our business model (222KB PDF)

The value we create for our stakeholders


G4S delivers a broad range of social and economic benefits to the communities in which we work, many of which are helping to realise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Serving customers in around 90 countries across six continents.


At 86% of Group underlying revenues and 76% of Adjusted PBITA (pre the cash solutions transaction), Secure Solutions has made a large contribution to the Group’s 68% growth in underlying EPS since 2014.


526,000 colleagues employed by G4S Secure Solutions businesses around the world.


G4S Secure Solutions businesses source services and products from around 26,500 suppliers around the world.

Focused on cash technology


Conventional cash


On a proforma basis, the remaining conventional cash businesses account for 4% of the Group’s revenues in 2019. Around three quarters of that relates to the UK Cash Solutions business. The Group has retained the UK Cash Solutions business as it was in the best interests of both the pension fund members and the Group.

Having decided to keep this business we will look to optimise its value. We have a leading position in the UK market, and believe we are ideally placed to be the natural aggregator of bank processing volumes as banks look to outsource cash processing.

The remaining quarter of conventional Cash Solutions revenues is spread across 27 countries around the world. These businesses are individually small and highly integrated with, and hosted by, our Secure Solutions business which provide cost synergies for both businesses. The focus is to manage these businesses to generate free cash flow in the future.



Cash Solutions (163KB PDF)



Retail technology solutions


Unique customer value proposition

Retail Technology Solutions includes Retail Cash Solutions, CASH360 and South Africa-Deposita. The benefits these technology solutions provide to customers are summarised in the graphic below:


  1. Integrated to Partner Recyclers and SmartSafes
  2. Unique forecasting tool for retail cash operations
  3. Optimisation of cash inventory down to till level
  4. Integrated with retailers’ self check-outs
  5. Unique bank-owned-cash and same day credit through partner banks
  6. Automated cash management and reconciliation
  7. Cash-in-transit (CIT) management and business continuity services
  8. Integrated with retailers’ back office

Focus on growth and margin

We also have a very clear set of priorities for these businesses to focus on growth and margin improvement that are summarised below:



Strategic priorities & performance overview

Our values underpin everything we do

  • We act with…

    Integrity and respect

    Our business activities and relationships are built on trust, honesty and openness. We do what we promise and always strive to do the right thing. We listen. We treat our colleagues, customers and those in our care with the utmost respect.

  • We are passionate about…

    Safety, Security and Service Excellence

    We are passionate about working safely and take great care to protect our colleagues and customers from harm. We are experts in security and use that knowledge to protect our customer’s assets. We keep our promises and are passionate about delivering high levels of customer service.

  • We achieve this through…

    Innovation and teamwork

    We invest in technology and best practice to continuously improve the products and services we offer. We challenge ourselves to find new ways of helping our customers achieve their goals. We work together as a team, valuing everyone’s contribution, to ensure we achieve the best results for our customers and our business.

Financial Highlights & KPIs

Financial Highlights & KPIS (172KB PDF)

CSR Highlights

CSR Highlights (231KB PDF)